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Heavy Haul

Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight. Generally, shipping heavy equipment will require specialized trailers that can haul over dimensional or overweight loads. Heavy equipment hauling requires an expert to determine the right trailer for the job.

Truckload and Partial Truckload

  Shipments larger than what common LTL carriers typically handle (7 or more standard pallets or over 5,000 lbs) but less than a full truckload


Freight trucking is segmented into dedicated and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) classifications. Considerations include size and weight, priority, value, lane availability, handling requirements and hazmat considerations

Who We Are

Circle Ten Logistics provides solutions designed to meet diverse and demanding transportation needs. We are experts in hauling oversize and over weight shipments and coordinate every detail from obtaining permits, escorts, rigging, and cranes. We have an expansive network of trusted carriers in any given area, and will get your freight to its destination on time within a budget.